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Ideally suited for PUR open cavity fill, the HFX offers low to medium output polyurethane molding and cavity system. With an integrated hydraulic system, that operates both metering pumps and mixing head, the elimination of costly hydraulic power packs is achieved. The HFX also comes standard with electronic controls for precise shot sequencing and hose heat temperature. The HFX is safe and has a reliable low voltage hose heating system.

Standard Features*

  • Metering Pumps  >>> The HFX is equipped with fixed ratio, positive displacement, double acting piston pumps. Hard chrome plated piston rods and cylinder walls to provide the most reliable pumping system available.
  • Cam Follower Guide Connecting Yoke  >>> Eliminates asymmetrical forces and increases pump packing life by assuring proper alignment and balance between air cylinder and pumps.
  • Completely Mobile >>> The lightweight, compact design of the HFX unit which includes casters, allows for simple mobility around your plant or at the jobsite.
  • In-Line Filter Screens  >>> Protects valve balls and gun components from fouling due to unwanted dirt and particles in the system.
  • Pump Retract >>> Positions the pump shaft completely within the cylinder during shut down to provide longer packing life.
  • Gusmer TX-50 Processor  >>> Provides 100 seperate programmable channels for automatic shot selection. The Gusmer TX-050 encoder, ensures that the processor automatically dispenses a metered amount of material.
  • Automatic Hose Heat >>> Provides completely automatic temperature control of the hose heater. The temperature is measured through a remote temperature sensing unit strategically located inside the heated hose.

Technical Data




Max. Output

16 lbs/min

7 Kg/min

Max. Supply Pressure

250 psi 

17 bars

Max. Rated Pressure

1600 psi

110 bar


250-3000 cps

250-3000 cps 


50 amps @ 3 x 230v; 50/60 Hz

19 Kw


 350 lbs

160 Kg


H=50 in/ W=40 in / D=30 in

H=127 cm/ W=102 cm/ D=76 cm

HFX  >>>
Plural Component Hydraulically Driven Metering Unit
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