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GX - 8 Spray Gun

Designed for fast set, high performance chemistries such as polyurea, polyurethane and hybrid coatings. The GX - 8 Spray Gun has superb balance, weight and size for effortless maneuverability. The "Get in close" capabilities for small areas and hard to reach applications is a true asset for the GX-8. Coupled with a Spray tip and Gun Block that are constructed out of a special space age non-stick coating, the GX-8 is easy to maintain and can save you up to 50% or more on material consumption and significantly reduce over spray associated with low output spraying.

Standard Features*

  • Solvent Free >>> The GX-8, as with all Gusmer guns, features a mechanically self-cleaning valving rod assembly that purges all mixed material from the mixing areas at the end of each shot, eliminating costly and environmentally harmful, solvent flushing procedures.
  • Direct Impingement Mixing >>> Highly efficient, diametrically opposed impingement mixing assures high yield per unit of material and superior surface finish.
  • Mixing Module  >>> Internal impingement mixing is accomplished by a mixing module that is precision manufactured for prolonged service life.
  • Pattern Control Disc  >>> Precision engineered utilizing a non-stick coating to minimize material build up and offer ease of maintenance.
  • Filters >>> Screw in design incorporates metal to metal sealing surface plus internal check valves. The filters can be easily removed, cleaned, and serviced.
  • Air Control  >>> The GX-8's air valve control knob is conveniently positioned for easy adjustment of the airs forward velocity. Spray patterns can be adjusted from a concentrated flow to a fine mist.
  • Superb Balance >>> The entire gun assembly is engineered to maximize control, supply excellent balance, and reduce operator fatigue.

Technical Data




Max. Output

.4 gal/min

1.52 l/min

Min. Output

.1 l /min

.38 l/min

Max. Operating Pressure

3500 psi

240 bar

Air Supply

100-125 psi

7-9 bar


Internal Impingement; Airless Atomization Solvent free, Mechanically Self-Cleaning



Less than 2.3 lbs

1.04 Kg


H=7 in/ W=7.5 in / D=2.5 in

H=17.8 cm/ W=19 cm/ D=6.25 cm

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