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Gusmer Air Purge Spray Gun

The future of air purge spray guns is here! The Gusmer Air Purge spray gun is the most affordably priced, highest quality air purge gun on the market! Lighter and more compact than other air purge guns, the GAP Spray Gun is designed for fast easy maintenance, on-site versatility and long life. Excellent for roofing, adhesives, spray polyurethane foam application, and polyureas, the most common spare parts are laser etched with the Gusmer logo, so you know they're backed by the stringent quality testing that guarantees the highest specifications in the industry.

Standard Features*

  • Solvent Free >>> The Gusmer Air Purge  Gun, as with all Gusmer guns, features a mechanically self-cleaning valving rod assembly that purges all mixed material from the mixing areas at the end of each shot, eliminating costly and environmentally harmful, solvent flushing procedures.
  • Ergonomic Design  >>> 33% lighter than other air purge guns, its compact size and ergonomic handle combine to give the gun superior balance and feel for unparalleled maneuverability, reduced operator fatigue and improved directional control of spray.
  • Trigger Action >>> The air purge system in the GAP Gun is accurately rated to operate at 125 psi. This produces more responsive trigger action while keeping the mixing chamber cleaner, longer.
  • Screens >>> Less clogging, a more uniform pattern. The GAP Gun is the only air purge gun to have screens on each side of the gun to have screens on each side of the gun to filter out impurities in iso and resin lines that lead to clogging and pattern deformation.
  • Mixing Chamber >>> Longer lasting - with a standard mixing chamber fabricated from high strength hardened alloy steel and coated with the proprietary Gusmer Gold Teflon, the GAP Gun promises durability and optimal mixing at all times.
  • Variable Spray Pattern  >>> A variety of outputs and patterns. Interchangeable mixing chambers and spray tips provide virtually every output and flat or round pattern you'll ever need.

Technical Data




Max. Output

40 lbs/min

18 Kg/min

Min. Output

3 lbs/min

1.4 Kg/min

Max. Operating Pressure

2000 psi

140 bar

Air Supply

100-125 psi

7-9 bar


Internal Impingement; Airless Atomization Solvent free, Mechanically Self-Cleaning



2.34 lbs

1.06 Kg


H=7 in/ W=7 in / D=4.4 in

H=17.8 cm/ W=17.8 cm/ D=11.2 cm

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