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GX - 7 400 Spray Gun

A mechanically self-cleaning spray gun which eliminates costly solvent flushing, the GX-7 400 Spray Gun is world renowned and proven itself as the "Gun of Choice."It is excellent for polyurethane foams. elastometric coatings, or production lines, while its versatility allows the applicator to spray or pour in a variety of different output volumes. The GX-7 400Spray Gun also comes as an automatic version for automated operation and timed shots. 

Standard Features*

  • Solvent Free >>> The GX-7, as with all Gusmer guns, features a mechanically self-cleaning valving rod assembly that purges all mixed material from the mixing areas at the end of each shot, eliminating costly and environmentally harmful, solvent flushing procedures.
  • Internal Mixing Module >>> Internal impingement mixing is accomplished by a mixing module that is precision manufactured for prolonged service life.
  • Pattern Control Disc >>> Interchangeable module and disc combinations permit various outputs in round or fan spray patterns to provide more efficient mixing and pattern development.
  • Automatic Operation (Bracket Mount & Hand Held) >>> An automatic version of the GX-7 with a built in air solenoid is available for automated operation and timed shots.
  • Filters >>> Screw in design incorporates metal to gasket sealing surface plus internal check valves. The filters are available in several different mesh sizes and can be easily removed, cleaned, and serviced.
  • Fixed Spray Pattern >>>  Two position valving rod rear stop design provides either "Spray" or "service setting... no adjustment are required Total weight of gun is less than 3lbs.
  • Superb Balance >>> The entire gun assembly is engineered to maximize control, supply excellent balance, and reduce operator fatigue.

Technical Data




Max. Output

8 lbs/min

3.6 Kg/min

Min. Output

3.5 lbs/min

2 Kg/min

Max. Operating Pressure

3500 psi

240 bar

Air Supply

100-125 psi

7-9 bar


Internal Impingement; Airless Atomization Solvent free, Mechanically Self-Cleaning



Less than 3.5 lbs

1.5 Kg


H=9 in/ W=9.5 in / D=4.5 in

H=23 cm/ W=24 cm/ D=11 cm

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