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The Product

Mobile contractor equipment is now being built within our facility to the customers specifications. URETHANE SERVICE will work closely with the customer throughout the design stages to insure all the specified criteria is met. We are willing to provide custom built equipment for our customers while insuring all installed items are properly sized and to current codes and standards. We can supply state-of-the-art equipment from our various suppliers or install your existing equipment properly within a trailer or truck package with the required generation, hydraulics and pneumatics. No job is too big or too small. 

Distributorships and Suppliers

Graco Corporation


Gusmer Corporation












Wells Cargo

Utility Trailer

The Company

URETHANE SERVICE, INC. was established in 1969 and incorporated in June 1974 in the City of Los Angeles. Since that time we have been serving the polyurethane, epoxy, silicone, adhesives, coatings and sealants equipment business. For that twenty nine year period not a single piece of equipment has been returned because it could not do the job it was designed for.

The service side of our business is second to none. We proudly service all lines that we distribute and more!

In July of 1997, URETHANE SERVICE moved into a much larger facility to accomplish many goals. The main goal being able to provide a professional production area for building from top to bottom equipment trailers and rigs for mobile contracting purposes. We currently have two bays within our production area capable of holding two forty foot trailers or vehicles of that size under roof.

Work Performed

Electrical 120V. - 220V. power panel installations, double throw double pole switching equipment, state-of-the-art electronics with digital displays for monitoring items such as heat, pressure, flow rates and construction of materials. All wire runs are installed within conduit or raceways .


  • Pneumatics >>> All air supply lines and branches run within pipe except where hose is required for vibration resistance or service termination connections.
  • Hydraulics >>> All fluid lines are run with properly sized pipe of the installed equipment demand. Flexible connections are used for vibration resistance and service termination points.
  • Fuel Cells >>> All fuel tanks or cells are installed outside the equipment trailer or vehicle normally beneath the floor between the structural members. Proper filler necks and venting is incorporated into the installation.
  • Generation / Compressor / Hydraulic Equipment >>> All equipment is mounted and bolted to the structural frame and located within the vehicle to best provide proper weight distribution. All fuel burning equipment will have the proper exhaust lines installed to the outside of the vehicle along with the required noise suppressing devices. Required ventilation for water cooled units are installed into the perimeter wall areas as necessary.


  • Patrick Davis >>> over twenty-four years of experience with plural and single component equipment with over fifteen years of contracting equipment with this type of equipment.
  • Dutch Sicklesteel >>> twenty-eight years of equipment and contracting experience as well as a degree in electrical power distribution.

Payment Options

Leasing is available if you should choose to either finance with a buy option or monthly installments for a set period of time. URETHANE SERVICE works with a few key leasing companies that are familiar with equipment type leasing packages. Contact us and ask what we can do for your investment dollars.

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