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Gusmer Introduces H20/35 Proportioner

Gusmer Corporation introduced the new H20/35 proportioning equipment at our trade show held in Reno, Nevada this February. Since then interest has been overwhelming! Gusmer has reported record sales for this unit in the first quarter.

URETHANE SERVICE is pleased to also announce strong sales of this quality proportioning unit. Many items have been upgraded that should be of interest to you the end user >>>  

  • All fuses have been replaced with circuit breakers.
  • Primary heat exchangers are now in the vertical rather than horizontal position for easier maintenance.
  • Electric console cabinet opens from the front as opposed to the rear for easier access
  • Hose heat transformer is more powerful at 90V for quicker warm up of long hose lengths such as 310 feet as required by many contractors
  • The hydraulic pump is directly connected to the motor without a u-joint type connection in between
  • All lights and controls on the electric console are Allen-Bradley with bright indication lights

Glas-Craft Announces 3 new Proportioners

Glas-Craft has introduced three new machines for polyurethane and polyurea coatings this past month. The MXII and Super Maxi are rated at 3000 psi, maximum of 306 feet spray hose length and out put of 18 and 12 lbs per minute respectively.

The new Mini III has individual 3000 watt primary heaters, capacity for 300 feet of spray hose delivering 7 watts per foot of power to heat the hose rather than the normal 6 watts by competitors. The hose heat system is now also automatic temperature controlled,  utilizing a thermocouple in the fluid passage of the hose sending exact temperature signals to the controller.

Gusmer Admiral's New Alpha Rim

Gusmer Admiral has introduced the ALPHA, a new line of high pressure rim equipment. Rated at 3000 psi and 40 lbs per minute at a 1:1 ratio is available for under $50K. The base unit come with 20 gallon day tanks, L-dispense head, boom, programmable logic controls, continuous delivery cylinder pumps, tube and shell heat exchangers, and remote operation station for the operators use. Quality built, value added, and engineered as you have come to expect from the Admiral Group.

URETHANE SERVICE has just become the first distributor for Gusmer Admiral east of the Mississippi. We are pleased to announce that URETHANE SERVICE has the opportunity to sell and service the quality Admiral line of equipment starting with the 40 lb. per minute ALPHA to the 250 lb. per minute RIMCell line. The ALPHA RIM unit is on display here in our showroom for demonstration and all other inquiries. If you have cooler panels to insulate or precise parts to manufacture, Admiral has the equipment to satisfy your every demand.

Graco brings the RAC V Spray Tip to the Market

The new RAC V from Graco is easy to assemble and use. The new tip has only one seal which is compatible with all fluids. Fan widths range from 2-4 inch to 18-20 inch and orifice sizes from .007 to .065.

Color coded for type of work required black for common coating, yellow for laser lines without fuzzy edges, and green for fine finishes and superior automization. The RAC V may be used with the contractor gun, silver gun, Flex Plus and FTx guns. Tip sizes are stamped on switch handle for easy identification. Got Questions? Drop us a line for additional help!

Custom Hybrid Equipment Fills the Bill for Panel Manufacturer

A panel manufacturer requires a high pressure to develop between 60-100 punds per minute output without the bells and whistles associated with recirculation type equipment. The end user wanted to inject panels upon demand without having numerous control items that are difficult to train average employees to operate and maintain. URETHANE SERVICE provided this equipment to the end user for approximately half the price of a comparable recirculation type equipment of this range. This equipment is complete with pre-programmable timer / counter, dual 10,000 watt heat exchangers, automatic pour gun, pressure gauges, fluid thermometers, stroke counter, control console, hydraulically driven motor, dual displacement pumps all mounted to a heavy duty industrial frame.

ZUS Contracting Equipment

URETHANE SERVICE has sold urethane processing equipment for many years. Also available from ZUS are contracting mobile equipment trailers and trucks. All the equipment packages contain proportioners, pumps, and accessory items from name brand manufacturers such as Gusmer, Ingersol-Rand, Vickers, Onan, General Electric and many, many more. All equipment is custom built to our customer's specifications. We will build your package completely with all new quality "state-of-the-art" equipment or by using some or all of your existing equipment within a new trailer or truck. We can provide complete turn key rigs with generation, compressed air, hydraulics, material holding tanks and all the equipment necessary to install the materials at the job site. Let one of our representatives help you design your new contracting rig.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance

As many of you are aware, the prior industry affiliate was the SPFD or Spray Polyurethane Foam Division of the Society of Plastics Industry or SPI.

American Plastics Council    

SPFA Division

1300 Wilson Blvd., St. #800

Arlington, Virginia 22209


Our association has made a change to improve the growth and future of our industry by joining the American Plastics Council or APC. Our division is now the SPRAY POLYURETHANE FOAM ALLIANCE or SPFA. The affiliation with the American Plastics Council will afford all of us a better environment in which to be heard and to grow as an industry. We at URETHANE SERVICE, INC. are proud to be members of this alliance and encourage all of our customers to join us and become active members within our association.

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