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The Alpha RIM 

The Alpha RIM is a state of the art high pressure polyurethane dispensing machine that brings you all the advantages of high pressure processing in a very economical package. With special attention to accuracy and performance reliability, Gusmer Admiral allows the production of both large and small parts within an acceptable cream time. It can handle moderately filled and unfilled applications. The Alpha RIM will enable you to: eliminate urethane waste, flushing agents, increase manufacturing speed, and obtain reliable results every time.

Standard Features*

  • Advanced Hydraulic System  >>> The AlphaRIM utilizes a combined mixhead and pump hydraulic variable speed drive which allows the operator to vary output ratio. 
  • Two Steel Raw Material Day Tanks   >>> Constructed for operation up to 110 psi. Removable tops for easy maintenance.
  • Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers  >>> Allow maximum heat recovery with minimum pressure loss. tubes are stainless steel preventing chemical attack.
  • Continuous Delivery Cylinder Pumps  >>> The CDC Metering Pump is a positive displacement double acting piston pump with externally accessible ball checks for easy maintenance. 
  • High/Low Pressure Switches >>> For each chemical to prevent cross over.
  • Programmable Logic Control  >>> The Touchscreen is a multifunctional, easy to use interface, allowing you to adjust and fine tune processing parameters.
  • High Performance Mix Head  >>> RIM mixhead with an integral hydraulic power pack is mechanically self cleaning.
  • Remote Operation Station >>> Provides the operator with convenient access to controls such as dispense, on/off, emergency shut off, and 99 selectable shot times.  

Technical Data

The AlphaRim is rated for 50/60Hz operation



Max. Throughput - lbs per min @ ratio of 1:1

40 lbs/min

18.18 Kg/min

Min. Throughput - lbs per min @ ratio of 1:1

8 lbs/min

3.64 kg

Max. Throughput - lbs per min @ ratio of 4:1 or 1:4

25 lbs

11.36 Kg

Ratio range, Variable

1: 4 / 4:1


Power Required @ 230V, 3PH

 50 amps


Power Required @ 380V, 3PH

29 amps


Power Required @ 460V, 3PH

25 amps


Power Required @ 575V, 3PH

20 amps


Max. Working Pressure

2500 psi

172 bar

Approx. Dry Weight

1285 lbs

583 kg

Plant Air required

80-120 PSIG


The Alpha RIM  >>>
High Pressure RIM Metering System
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