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Color Dosing System 

An excellent choice for processing a third component color stream when used in conjunction with a properly fitted three component mixing head. This unit gives the advantage of molding parts using neutral resin rather than contaminating the machine with abrasive color pigments. This dosing unit is designed to process a third component at a maximum rate of 70 grams per second to a minimum rate of 2.4 grams per second.

Standard Features*

The standard unit is a non-recirculating precise hydraulically operated piston pump metering unit. The unit can very easily be converted to a recirculating unit to assist in critical temperature control situations. The machine is equipped with one ten gallon holding vessel for the pre-blended color material or color paste. The material tank includes pressure gauges and a standard air agitator. The CDC is electrically designed to be integrated with the primary metering machine's control system for display of the color component in grams per second or pounds per minute, or as a percent of the polyol component.

Technical Data




Max. Output

9.3 lbs/min

4.2 Kg/min

Min. Output

0.3 lbs/min

.14 kg

Max. operating Pressure

2500 -3500 psi

175-246 bar

Motor Size

5 Hp


Approx.  Weight

385 lbs

175 kg


H=47" W=40" D=22"

H=47" W=40" D=22"

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