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The RimCell Series 

The RimCell Series is equipped with supercharged, axial piston metering pumps, and is designed to process any commercially available unified non-corrosive chemical system up to 2000 cps. Open chassis construction allows for easy access to all components. The modular design of the RimCell permits the installation of auxiliary components such as Temperature Control Units, Multi-Station Ringlines, and Color Dosing Units.

Standard Features*

  • Metering System  >>> Two axial piston pumps with handwheels for adjustment of throughput and ratio. Gusmer Admiral's mechanical shaft seal system extends pump life and reduces maintenance. 
  • Low Pressure Recirculation  >>> Low pressure loop reduces energy consumption of the machine and extends pump life by allowing the metering pumps to idle at reduced loading.
  • Programmable Logic Control System >>> User friendly key pad data entry system, can be interfaced with existing presses and production line control systems.
  • Flow Measuring System  >>>  The  Gusmer Admiral flow measuring system provides accurate digital readout of flow while eliminating the mess and inconvenience of wet calibration. 
  • Integrated Feed System >>> Completely closed loop system with feed pump and pressure regulator to assure constant pressure flooding of metering pump inlet. Allows precise dispensing of a higher viscosity materials. 
  • Mixing Heads >>> All Gusmer Admiral RIM machines come standard with a high performance, hydraulically operated, mechanically self-cleaning mixing head.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack >>> Provides controlled opening power to the mixing heads. Opening speed can be varied.

Technical Data

U.S. specs at 60hz      (Metric specs at 50hz)

RimCell 100

RimCell 240

Max. Throughput - lbs per min @ ratio of 1:1

100 lbs/min (38kg)

240 lbs/min (91kg)

Ratio range, Variable

1: 5 to 5:1

1:5 to 5:1

Power Required @ 230V,

 180 amps


Power Required @ 460V,

90 amps


Max. Working Pressure

3000 psi (207 bar)

3000 psi (207 bar)

Approx. Dry Weight

1500 lbs (680kg)

2000 (907kg)

Plant Air required

2-5 cfm @ 100 psig

2-5 cfm @ 100 psig

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