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Nucleation Measurement System

Nucleation Systems lower the density and increases the flow ability of your material. This is achieved by adding inert gases into the chemical streams prior to flowing through the mixing head and injection into your mold. the dispersion of insoluble gases in the form of bubbles assists in forming a fine cell structure while using less material and still maintaining the same characteristics of your finished part. Gusmer Admiral's charging and detection device will introduce, sample, calculate and display the concentration of insoluble gases in polyol. 

Standard Features*

Completely Self Cleaning

Self Contained Unit can be Utilized in RIM or RRIM units

High Accuracy

More Precise than Open Cup especially for higher Gas loading.

No Nuclear Source Required

No escape of entrained Gas to Atmosphere during measurement

Eliminates Operator Exposure to Chemicals

No Calibration Required

Optional Features

Auto Control of Gas Loading

Temperature Control Component

Micro Spargers for Stable Dispersion of Gas

Day Tanks

Tank Agitator System for Day Tank

Supply Pump (RIM or RRIM)

Nucleation Measurement System
High Pressure RIM Auxiliary Equipment
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