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The Concept 

Based on a "Grooved Plunger" concept which allows high pressure recirculation of components through the head in close proximity to the impingement chamber. Lead-lag and back pressure adjustment problems are virtually eliminated since recirculation to pour actuation is accomplished utilizing a single tight tolerance plunger. this device cleans the mix chamber eliminating solvent flush. Gusmer Admiral manufactures a complete line of mixing heads for filled system and unified system processing.

Filled Polyurethane Applications

  • Characteristics >>> A single grooved plunger resists abrasive fillers over a wide range of throughputs. Typically mounted on a mold for direct injection. A third stream is added for RIM regrind/recycle processing.
  • Applications >>> Automotive Bumpers and Fascia,  Automotive Body Panels, Reduced Density Structural Foams

Continuous Applications

  • Characteristics >>> Continuous dispensing of polyurethane reactants onto a continuous laminator. Recircualtion and cleanout plunger eliminates waste in start up and solvent flush. Removable pour nozzles are available for various dispensing patterns. 
  • Applications >>> Architectural Panels, Roofing Panels, Sheathing and Wallboard, Garage Doors.

Unfilled  Polyurethane Applications

  • Characteristics >>> Small, horizontal impingement chamber mixes material, while larger vertical exit chamber reduces flow velocity to minimize splashing in open pour applications.
  • Applications >>> Automotive Seating, Refrigerator Doors, Automative Instrument Panels, Doors and Interior Trim

  • Characteristics >>> Single grooved plunger allows recirculation, pour and cleanout for direct entry of material into a case or closed mold.
  • Applications >>> Refrigerator Cabinets, Structural RIM

General Applications

  • Characteristics >>> All are available in a wide range of mixing chamber diameters to accommodate the various outputs required by our customers. Also available in a long stoke model for better laminar flow. 
  • Applications >>> Elastometric Parts, Cooler & Building Panels.

  • Characteristics >>> Used in open or closed model pours. Utilizes all the benefits of a L-Style mixing head with the addition of a third stream port for viscous additives such as color paste or other similar third components. processing.
  • Applications >>> Steering Wheels, Integral Skin Seating, Nerf Footballs
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