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FF - 2500

World renown proportioning unit is durable, ideal for use in today's high performance, plural component polyurea, polyurethanes and hybrid coating systems. The FF - 2500 Metering Unit is designed for economical, low output spraying or pouring of plural component chemical systems. The FF-2500 is compact, lightweight and has a mobile design.

Standard Features*

  • Metering Pumps >>> The FF-2500 is equipped with fixed ratio, positive displacement, double acting piston pumps. Hard chrome plated piston rods and cylinder walls to provide the most reliable pumping system available.
  • Cam Follower Guide Connecting Yoke  >>> Eliminates asymmetrical forces and increases pump packing life by assuring proper alignment and balance between air cylinder and pumps. Internal impingement mixing insures complete homogeneous mixing of both components.
  • Self Flushing Packing  >>> By providing a lubricating rinse, the shaft seal cavity is protected from hardened isocyanate on the pump shaft. This will significantly extend the life of the pump seal and reduce maintenance downtime.
  • Pump Retract >>>  Automatically positions the pump shaft completely within the cylinder during shutdown to provide longer pump packing life.
  • In-line Filter Screens  >>> Protects valve balls and gun components from fouling due to unwanted dirt and particles in the system.
  • Dual Air Regulation  >>> Provides equal pressure on both the up and down stroke to help eliminate pattern fluctuations at the gun.
  • Primary Heater  >>> Controls material viscosities and process temperatures.

Technical Data




Max. Output

1 gal/min

3.78 liters/min

Max. Rated Pressure

2500 psi

172 bar

Air Requirement

26 SCFM @ 100 psi

12 liters/sec @ 7 bar


250 - 1500 cps

250-1500 cps


 140 lbs

63 Kg


H=24 in/ W=26 in / D=30 in

H=61 cm/ W=66 cm/ D=76 cm


45 amps @ 1 x 220; 60 Hz

8.7 Kw

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Plural Component Air Driven Metering Unit
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