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Dispensing Valves and Guns

Solvents are expensive and hazerdous to your workers. Also, solvents require costly waste disposal and recycling requirements. TAH's line of valves and guns with disposable motionless mixers can mean increased efficiency, safety and profits for you.

Standard Features*

TAH's valves and guns separately port "A" and "B" fluids into a disposable mixer, eliminating the need for solvent flushing. Consider the advantages of this design: Eliminates solvent flushing, less adhesive waste, cleans up easily, increased productivity. If the elimination of solvents is not practical or cost effective, TAH offers options to reduce your solvent consumption. Each gun is offered with manifolds for Air/Solvent flushing. The valves provide an On-Off function. For your specific application, the metering pumps control the proper ratio of "A:B." In most cases, the valves and guns can be retrofitted to existing systems.

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