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Maintaining a mixer used with reactive resins can be a time consuming and expensive task. A plugged mixer means lost production. A partially plugged mixer means an inadequate mix and poor product quality. In addition, solvents used to flush the mixers are expensive and potenitally hazardous. TAH industries recognizes these problems and have developed a line of mixers that are simple to maintain. We specialize in both disposable mixers and modular metal mixers that can be disassembled and cleaned. TAH Industries is the only company that offers this complete line of motionless mixers. We have supplied mixers to the Construction, Electrical, Automotive, and Assembly Industries, and have the experience to assist you in selecting the right model for your application. Whatever the mixing job - high or low pressure, solvent flush or disposable - TAH's Motionless Mixers are your most cost effective solution.

Standard Features*

The Spiral KnifeEdged Mixers were developed for mixing adhesives and sealants. These mixers consist of a series of left and right hand helixes, the ends of which are knife edged. This patented feature provides a more streamlined geometry. Consider these advantages: Longer Life, 30% Greater Flow Rate, Flushes with Less Solvent. A complete line of disposable plastic nozzles and high pressure pipe mixers are available.


The mixer consists of a  series of left and right hand helical elements. When fluids are pumped through the mixer, they are progressively divided and recombined. The process is called inversion and results in a layering phenomenon. The number of layers or striations produced is exponential to the base 2", where n is the the number of elements.

Mixers of this configuration produce plug flow, wherein the fluid particles pass through the mixer in the same sequence in which they enter. To ensure a uniform output, each component must be metered in proper ratio and free of air. Competitive mixers have a flat edge, where material can accumulate and cause plugging problems. Tah's Knife Edged design is more streamlined. In addition to the Knife Edge, TAH's plastic mixers have an Apple Core Cross Section. This patented feature allows complete mixing in a shorter length.

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