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160 Series Mixers

The 160 Series Mixers  offer significant advantages in meter / mix applications. The nozzles have a common oversized bell inlet. Dispensing valves and manifolds are available to transport the A and B materials into the mixer seperately. Clean-up is simple. A metal jacket is recommended if the working pressure inside the nozzle exceeds 150 psi (10 bar).

Standard Features*





Test Kit Available

Contains an assortment of various mixers of different models. Includes retaining nuts and sleeves.


Retaining Nut >>>

Aluminum retaining nuts are available to hold the 160 Series nozzles onto adapters, manifolds and valves. These retaining nuts are used when a metal jacket is not required.

One Piece Jacket >>>

If the working pressure inside the 160 Series nozzle is greater than 150 psi, then we recommend that a metal jacket be used over the nozzle.

Manifold >>>

Two component manifolds are available which separately port the resin / hardener into the mixing nozzle. Clean up simply involves wiping the manifold face after the nozzle has been removed.

Adapter >>>

The 160 Series Nozzles can be connected to some existing manifolds or valves with the following pipe adapters.

Luer Lock Fitting >>>

In order to attach a needle, a male Luer lock is offered on the 160 Series mixers.

Support Washers >>>

For added strength, a support washer can be added to the 160 Series Mixers. With high pressure drops (greater than 250psi), the washer supports the mixers and prevents crushing.

Luer Needles >>>

Two types of Luer needles are available. The standard needles have stainless tubing with burr free blunt ends and plastic hubs. The tapered needles are a one piece, plastic molded part. The needles are color-coded and prepackaged, 50 needles per bag.

Plastic Bell Nozzles  >>>

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