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70 Series Mixers

The 70 Series Spiral Mixers are desigened for high pressure applications with two component adhesives and sealants. The mixers consist of a series of left and right hand spiral elements, which have been edgesealed into a tube. The spiral tube mixer is available in four diameters and with 15 to 48 elements. The elements have been microbrazed along their complete length and cannot be removed from the tube. Consider the advantages of this all stainless steel assembly:

Standard Features*

Moderate Price

Offers significant savings over competitive mixers.

Streamline Geometry

The contour of the elements ensures that the mixer flushed clean with less solvent.

Resists Furnace Warpage

The tube mixers are manufactured with heavy walled tubing, which resists warpage during furnace cleaning and increases the life of the mixer. The maximum furnace temperature should not exceed 1250F (676C).

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