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SPARTAN Modular RTM System

The Spartan is a reliable, easy to use injection system. The ease of operation and simple maintenance makes it ideal for RTM injection of polyesters and vinylesters. The Spartan VR is available for epoxy systems that require closer mix ratios. The base unit is production ready, complete with gun, hoses, fluid pumps, air motor, solvent tank controls and is base plate mounted. Whether it is performing low pressure RTM injection or open dispensing, the Spartan lives up to its name ... it is low cost, expandable system that is ready for battle in today's production applications.

Production Ready...

Complete materials recirculation - cycles material to gun and back to holding containers unmixed. This eliminates air entrapment in lines and keeps filters in suspension. Used with optional heater, this allows operator to lower material viscosity before dispensing.


Gun mounted stroke counter is adjustable from 20 cc to 19 cc per count

Up to 25' material hoses - standard 12'.

Mast and boom allows gun to be hung overhead

5" air motor

Straight dispense manifold - for hand lay applications where consistent catalyization is critical. The Spartan will dispense metered catalyst and resin that is unmixed. No solvents required!

Resin heater kit will attain temperatures up to 250 F.

Precision Links ... allows more control and automation of the Spartan. they can be ordered with the system or added on at a later time.


allows solvent use to be controlled and has an indicator and alarm to remind the operator to flush the gun. Solvent shot size and alarm.


a pneumatic shot counter that automatically stops the pumps when the desired amount of resin has been dispensed. Complete with emergency stop.


a vacuum generator which can be used manually or in conjunction with the Accu-Shot. Used for vacuum-assisted injections.


combines the functions of the Accu-Clush, Accu-Shot and Accu-Vac. The operator pushes one button and the machine injects air purges and solvent flushes automatically.

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