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Micro Dispensing System

The GlasCraft Micro Dispensing System sprays or pours a maximum of 8lb/min of polyurethane foam. The Micro system features the trouble free, automatic air purge Probler Gun. The Probler Gun, with a flat spray tip standard, is easy to use and maintain. A 20 foot heated Hose assembly, with nylon protective sleeving, is also standard on the Micro Unit. There are two seperate primary Heaters with sold state controls that are used to lower materials viscosities. Two positive displacement pumps are connected to one five inch Air Motor to ensure the proper mixing pressure (1600 psi) and ratio (1:1). The fluid Pumps are fed by an easily installed Gravity Feed Kit. The Micro Unit is easy to install, requiring approximately 20 minutes, and is equally easy to operate and maintain.

Standard Features*

Probler Gun w/ flat spray tip

Electrical Control Assembly

Heat Exchanger Assembly

Heated Hose Assembly

Proportioning Unit Assembly

Gravity Feed Kit

 User Manuals


Optional System Components

Round Spray Chambers

Pour Adapter

Material Transfer Kit

Nitrogen Kit

Dispense Timer

Air Dryer Kit

Flat Spray Chambers and Tips

Air Nucleation Kit

50 ft. Heated Hose Assembly

Freon Injection

Drum Feed Pumps

Hardened Pump Cylinder

Technical Data

Air Requirements

20 cfm @ 100 psi

Electrical Requirements

Single Phase 208 - 240 VAC; 50/60 hz, 15 amps

Max. Hose Length

50 feet

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