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Mongoose Dispensing System

The new Mogoose system was developed to spray the low viscosity Fast 102 adhesive for non-heated applications. The Mongoose has several special features designed for the fleece back system. The Mongoose System includes two 2:1 ratio transfer pumps with regulator, gauges, air hoses, and fluid hoses from the transfer pumps and the proportioning pump. The standard 2:1 ratio transfer pump included the the Mongoose are the stubby version to fit 15 gallon drums. Long transfer pumps for 55 gallon drums are available.

Standard Features*

Fixed ratio: 1:1 pumping unit capable unit of 1600 psi fluid pressure. Air requirement for max. output, 34 cfm

The Mongoose will displace 160cc of material per cycle. Carlisle rate the output at 1.8 sq/min.

50' of hose is standard. The hoses are not heated, but are insulated. Additional 50' hose sections may be ordered to extend length.

Travel stands for transfer pumps are mounted to the cart of the Mongoose system.

A Gun Recirculating Block for material recirculation is the standard on the Mongoose System.

The Mongoose features heavy-duty pneumatic tires on the cart for easy mobility.

Optional System Components

Round Spray Chambers

Pour Adapter

Material Transfer Kit

Nitrogen Kit

Dispense Timer

Air Dryer Kit

Flat Spray Chambers and Tips

Air Nucleation Kit

50 ft. Heated Hose Assembly

Freon Injection

Drum Feed Pumps

Hardened Pump Cylinder

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