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When you're dispensing increasingly higher viscosity adhesives, you need a system you can depend on day in and day out. That's why so many of the world's one component, non-volatile waterborne and solvent-borne systems start with a Graco CheckMate priming piston pump.

CheckMate pumps give you the edge on pressure and put power on your production line. The entire CheckMate family is designed with features that allow high-viscosity materials to load faster, flow easier and provide pressure balanced output between the up and down strokes of the pump. With high pressures, you'll get uniform beads that reduce material excess and give a consistent bond. 

Ultra - Lite

To obtain precise bead profile and placement, use one of Graco's Ultra-Lite pistol grip flow guns. Ergonomically designed, Ultra-Lite applicators require minimum trigger force, allowing the user to control fluid release more easily, with less fatigue. A wide variety of threaded and flanged nozzles, extensions and flow brushes adapt to provide the bead pattern or shape best suited to your product's requirements.


For precise metering, Graco's NEW PrecisionFlo servo meter is unique in the industry providing innovative design and superior performance. Originally engineered for PVC seam sealing, this servo meter system can be used for various industrial and automotive applications. PrecisionFlo uses closed loop control on both volume and pressure to deliver a precise flow of sealant or adhesive material onto your part.

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