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Take the guesswork out of selecting the right pump, guns, hoses and accessories for your spray finishing or coating application. Graco's complete line of cart, pail and wall mounted spray finishing packages are assembled and shipped ready to use. These reliable and durable spray packages closely fit the requirements of truck and bus, aerospace, marine and rail, farm and construction, wood and general metal finishing industries.

Delta/Pro Low Pressure Spray Finishing

Low pressure sprayers are used in a variety of industries, including wood, truck & bus, automotive components, and general metal finishing. Typical applications are of a single gun operation spraying low to medium viscosity finishes where finish appearance is critical.

Common applications in the wood industry include stains, washcoats and low solids lacquers. In the general metal fabrication industry, these packages are used to apply low to medium solids primers and topcoats for a smooth finish. Graco's low pressure air spray, HVLP and air spray electrostatic packages are available in a wide range of configurations to fit your application.

Air-Assisted Medium Pressure Spray

Medium pressure air-assisted sprayers are commonly used in the wood, aerospace, farm & construction, and general metal finishing industries. Air-assisted is a good fit in these markets because of ability to operate at relatively high production rates while producing a uniform finish.

Typical applications are furniture topcoats, aircraft exterior primers and topcoats, farm implement primers and topcoats, and a variety of fabricated metal parts coatings. Graco's medium pressure air-assited packages are available in a wide range of configurations to fit your application.

Airless High Pressure Spray

High pressure airless coating packages (occasionally referred to as Big Rigs ) are typically used where high production is needed or where high solids materials and high film builds are required. The marine, rail and structural steel fabrication industries are typical examples of where this type of sprayer is usually required. High solids, high viscosity and plural component materials are generally sprayed in these industries with the type of equipment. Graco's high pressure (2500 psi and above) airless packages are available in a wide range of configurations to fit your application.

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